What's required to run with us?

Truck Requirements:

We allow all capable trucks. We do ask that your truck be modified, approved by an administrator, and in well maintained working order. Please contact us if you have any questions.​

  •  A handheld Rugged Radio is a minimum requirement. 50 watt vhf radio is preferred - programmed with Weatherman and BITD Race channels. NOTE: If buying a handheld please purchase the cigarette lighter battery pack as well as the extended antenna.
  • GPS - Preferably Leadnav or Lowrance. Gaia GPS for Iphone or Orrux Maps for Android are great apps that we will accept especially paying for the pro modes.
  • Rear facing amber chase lights! Auxiliary lighting is highly recommended.
  • 1 and preferably 2 full size spares - flats happen all the time.
  • Extra water. Enough said...


  • ALL maintenance done and truck running in good working order. 
  • Fire Extinguisher. Fires happen and they need to be put out quickly!
  • Air compressor or Co2 tank. 

Driver expectations:

  • Most importantly - a good attitude!
  • Level headed driving - Our runs are not races